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Wall Mounted Kitchen Waste Trash

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Scrape your waste faster and have an Odor-Free Kitchen everyday!

Recently the trend of organizing and keeping our house clean became the most trend nowadays. Who wouldn't want to see your kitchen clean and organized right?

But the truth is we don't know how to properly maintain our kitchen away from dirt, Pests, Odor, and free from Food waste.

With an Open waste Bin or the traditional flap Bin we have at home,

we know this is really Impossible.


This Clever and User-Friendly Waste Bin might be the answer and a Game Changer for your kitchen. 

What more can you say when you got a Built-In Scrapper, Minimalist design, multipurpose and it comes with a nonspill Inner Bucket that will surely match your daily needs!  Just take my money now! 

Product Features

This wall-mounted and hassle-free kitchen counter waste bin will make your life 50% a lot Easier while you cook!  You can now simply wipe away the vegetable peels, waste, bones, small pieces and etc, with this waste bin near you and goes directly inside without a mess.


Built-in Scraper: Just Imagine the struggle of picking up the vegetable peels, stems, plastics, bones, etc while you're in a rush? How many times do we have to throw it in the bin and wash our hands all over again?  With a built-in scraper, you will really save yourself from this drama.

Hidden Scraper Stowage: This clever waste bin comes with a scraper stowage. Once you're done with the cleaning, you can just simply store it inside the bin and take it out whenever you need it.

Anti Odor Seal: This kitchen saving bin will not just make your life easier, it will also remove the smell of your waste circulation, especially for those who are suffering from the closed-spaced kitchen.

Plus it will keep insects away such as cockroaches, pests, ants, and rats from entering your waste bin. 

Plastic Bag Sealing Button: Who wouldn't love this innovative trash bin! You can just easily take out the trash easily by pressing the button without getting dirt on your hands and fewer Bacteria contact.

Plastic Stopper: Unlike the traditional waste bin we have now, this comes with a built-in stopper. It helps your plastic bag stay still and keep it intact every time.

Double Bucket and Large Capacity:  Have you experienced having a liquid leakage while removing your trash? This time, no need to worry about it. Our trash can is designed with a liner (inner bucket) and an outer bucket.

It has a large capacity to hold a lot of garbage without worrying about water leakage. The outer bucket is about 9L and the inner bucket is about 6.5L. 


Convenient and Multi-Purpose:  Just in case you're in a rush you can slide or lift the lid without bothering you. This minimalist and no-eye sore bin will really make your kitchen look clean and organized.

2 Hanging Methods. There is a hanging board device on the back of the trash can. No need for any tools and drilling, you can just hang it directly on the cabinet plus it is suitable for 98% of cabinet doors. 

 The thickness of cabinet doors within 2.5cm/0.98inch (approx.) can be used. It can be moved around, or it can be mounted directly on the wall.


How to Install

Product Specifications

Material: High-Quality PP Outer

Bucket Size: 29.5*26*16cm/11.61*10.24*6.30inch

Inner Liner : 27*14.5*22cm/10.63*5.71*8.66inch

Capacity 6.5L/ 9L

What's Included: Trash Can with Liner * 1

Wall Mounted Kitchen Waste Trash
Wall Mounted Kitchen Waste Trash

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