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About us

Joy is what brings us here.

We always dream of providing the Filipinos on what they deserve. Even from the beginning of our business, we always aim to achieve that goal.

We noticed that the market is full of branded items but most of them are out of reach for the normal Filipino.


It's because most branded items are expensive and not available on all channels.
The founder realized that this must not be the norm and we should aim to provide what the Filipino deserves.

The Filipino deserves the best and they deserve even more.

2013 was the beginning of this dream. We partnered with the best Television Channel and Distribution Company, oShopping and ABS-CBN.

During the years of partnership, we were able to provide solutions to our customers such as our Glass Locks, Super Genic Gas stove, Secret Beauty and many more brands that the Filipinos enjoy.

Due to unexpected turn of events, the companies we partnered with had to close and because of that, we have to start from scratch.

The dream of providing what the Filipino deserve
has been our inspiration to continue our mission.

Now in present day, we still continue in fulfilling that mission and give value and joy to everyone.
This will be our goal, today, tomorrow and for the many years to come.

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