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Home Buddy™ Natural Self Watering Pots

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 Self-watering pot, free from the need to water every day

Ideal for people who forget to water or who are busy with work and do not have time to do it yourself, this self-contained pot is the key to ensure that your plant always has enough water.

 This product is durable and aesthetic. Its design makes it an attractive addition to any garden, balcony or room in the house, enabling you to entertain friends or family members with a touch of Japanese style.

Product Features

This pot is ideal for growing plants indoors or outdoors, so they will always stay lush, vivid, and healthy.
The indoor self-watering planter pot needs no daily watering, just water it once a week, so it can save you a lot of time and effort. 
It features a Cotton Rope base that allows it to absorb water from the surrounding environment. 

Water Pot Hole is designed for an easy way to pour water into the base allowing you to see the amount of water needed to avoid your plants getting soaked too much.

Just refill the reservoir every few days and your plant will keep growing!
Aesthetic Design pots are perfect for your indoor and outdoor favorite plants. Creates a relaxing vibe and adds healthy oxygen to your home.
Our pots are constructed from high-quality materials and will last for years, plus they look great.


Material: PET plastic - (white/grey)

M (4.1 inches *5.4 inches/10.5cm *13.7cm)

What's Included: 1* Self-Watering Pot

No more dead or wilted Plants and Flowers!

Home Buddy™ Natural Self Watering Pots
Home Buddy™ Natural Self Watering Pots

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