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Dirt Eliminator 6 in 1 Window Screen Brush Cleaner

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Do you hate scrubbing your dusty window screens?

Scrape away dust and gunk on your screen with this amazing

 6 in1 Window Screen Brush Cleaner!


This amazing brush features a flannelette cleaning surface that efficiently fits inside the gaps of your screen making for a quick and easy clean!


  • The brushed flannel is fine and can penetrate into every slit of the screen window for easy dust removal. And the soft hook hairbrush surface can clean both sides of the screen window.



  • A double-sided scraping head makes the screen window cleaner. It can be used dry for light dusting and maintenance cleaning, or you can get it wet to increase your power.


  • You can also use it to clean dust surfaces on the sofa, carpet, sheet, clothes, or thoroughly scrub them depending upon your needs. 



This set is detachable, you could either use the handheld brush only or use the brush along with the 21" handle as a set. Far more gentle than a brush, and way quicker too. Get this effective tool to save loads of time and energy while making things look new again.




Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 35CM × 21CM × 10CM
Available Colors: Pink, Blue
Package Content:
1x Multifunctional Screen Brush

Get the cleaning convenience that you need to clear up the gunk on your windows and screens with the 6 in 1 Window Screen Brush!

Dirt Eliminator 6 in 1 Window Screen Brush Cleaner
Dirt Eliminator 6 in 1 Window Screen Brush Cleaner

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