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CabiNeat™ 3 piece Drawer Organizer Set

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A tidy, organized life is a happy life!

How many times have you spent far longer than you wanted looking for things in your drawers? It can be so frustrating to waste time this way – and sometimes you just might not find what you were looking for at all.
Our 3-Piece Drawer Organizer Set will help turn you into an organizing master by making sure your items are neatly arranged and stored away so they are super-easy to find when you need them.


Instantly transforms messy, unorganized drawers to make them tidier and utilize the space in drawers to its fullest. They’re also a great storage solution to use with shelves and closets.


Each of the three pieces have been designed with different partition layouts to give a versatile way to store items of various shapes and sizes.


Brilliant for organizing clothing such as socks and underwear. They’re also a great solution for many household items such as cables, stationery, medicine, and more.



Made with strong, high quality non-woven material, each organizer is designed to easily handle everyday use.



Super-quick and easy to set up and can also be broken down again and folded away for storage in seconds.





What’s included: 1x 3-Piece Drawer Organizer Set

Colors: Gray, Blue, Pink

Materials: Non-woven fabric

Dimensions: Please see the image below for approximate measurements of each piece

Choose our versatile 3-Piece Drawer Organizer Set to meet all your storage solution needs and become tidier and more organized at the same time!


**** NOTE: 1 Set = 3 pieces. ****

CabiNeat™ 3 piece Drawer Organizer Set
CabiNeat™ 3 piece Drawer Organizer Set

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