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EuroHauz™ Infrared Gas Stove with FREEBIES

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Want to save more on your gas consumption?

How about cooking faster and having more family time?

What you really need is right here...

Using infrared technology, you are sure to save more up to 50% every day on your gas consumption. This can surely extend your gas consumption up to 90 days!

It also comes with a FREE 8 pieces Knife Set
that is very rare and exclusive only to EuroHauz™

This is a common problem we have with our old and traditional gas stove burners, it's not safe, it stains the pots and pans, the flame is uneven making it hard for you to cook, and most importantly the gas tank prices are increasing every week.

Unlike the traditional gas stove burners that do not distribute fire equally making you consume more gas, our infrared technology maximizes every flame setting you get. You have an equal distribution of heat making you cook faster and making your food more delicious.

That is all possible because of our German Infrared Honeycomb Technology. You get more heat consistently at the same time you consume less gas. Another great feature of this technology is that your stove burner is "windproof" and "waterproof".


According to our customers,
when they used our infrared gas stove,
they saw a huge decrease
in their gas consumption
confirming that this
technology saves gas.

Extending their gas consumption up to 90 days! 

We can see that our EuroHauz™ Infrared Gas Stove Burner performs better than the traditional gas range that is purely reliant on LPG. EuroHauz™ Infrared Gas Stove can surely make a difference in your cooking. Not just in saving, but also in making your food more delicious and healthy.

Traditional Gas Range leaves dark spots on your frying pan damaging it over time.
With EuroHauz™ Gas Stove you don't have to worry about that, no more dark spots underneath your pots make cooking cleaner, and your cooking materials last longer. 

Product Information:

Product: Energy Saving Infrared Gas Stove
Burners: 2
Note: This is not electric, it uses any LPG
Technology: Infrared Flame Radiation
Warranty: 30 Days Exchange Policy (please see the box for info)

Distributor Information:

Distribution License: Authorized Local Philippine Distributor
Authorized Distribution Country: Philippines
Imported From: Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Europe (Distribution)
Research and Development: Frankfurt, Germany

What you will receive:

Double Burner Freebies

- 1x Infrared Gas Stove Burner
- 8x Pieces Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set (FREE)
- 2x Pieces Gas Stove Cover (FREE)

Single Burner Freebies

- 1x Infrared Gas Stove Burner
- 8x Pieces Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set (FREE)
- 1x Pieces Gas Stove Cover (FREE)

EuroHauz™ Infrared Gas Stove with FREEBIES
EuroHauz™ Infrared Gas Stove with FREEBIES

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